Visual Schedule

As a kindergarten teacher I have found over the years how important it is to have a schedule in my room that I follow everyday.  I had a little friend that REALLY needed to see what was coming next so I created this visual schedule.  Not only did he love it, EVERYONE did!  It became a huge deal to make sure the schedule was changed EACH day so they knew any changes or the days special.  I printed the schedule dots, laminated them and then cut them out.  I then attached them with velcro to a ribbon so I could move the parts of the day around as necessary, (got to love assemblies), or change out the special for each day.  I put the extra pieces in a small container right next to the schedule so if I didn't get the schedule changed I could ask one of the students to do it for me.

Here's an example of the dots, I will post a picture of it in use next week.

Lots of love,

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