Number Rings

I am in love with my new number rings.  I have to be honest and admit, I hated my number rings made using pipe cleaners.   It drove me nuts how they would get smooshed and dirty from all those little fingers.  Last night it hit me!  I had binder rings and tons of beads.  I wondered if the beads would fit on the binder rings.  They do!

It was super easy and relatively inexpensive considering how long they will last.  Here's what I used:

Pony Beads
2" binder rings
Paper Key Tags
5 Second Fix  

I simply wrote the number on the paper key tag with a Sharpie, I chose to take the ring off the tag and simply put the tag right on the number ring.  You could definitely leave the key ring on though.  I then put the number of beads on the binder ring that corresponded with the number written on the tag and closed the binder ring.  I didn't want the rings to open while they're being used so I used 5 second fix to solve that problem!  If you've never heard of this stuff see my post about it here.  It's AMAZING!!!

And here's the finished product!

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