Brag Tags

Have you jumped on the "brag tag" wagon?  I tried them last year and I am hooked!  My students loved getting them throughout the year and then when they got to keep them and take them home as a necklace at the end of the year, OMGoodness!!!  I lost track of the number of times I was told I was the best teacher EVER!  I will make sure to post pictures of them in use but here's the breakdown:

I printed and cut them out.  I then put them in labeled drawers so they were easily accessible.  Each child was given a small carabiner clip with their name on it that they had hanging on a hook in the front of the room.  Every time they earned a tag, they would go get their clip then put their tag on the clip.  The clip was then hung back on the hook.  At the end of the year we placed all the tags on a silver ball chain that they got to take home.  The students loved them and so did the parents!  Pictures coming soon but here's the link to my TPT store if you want to pick them up before school starts.

Lots of love,


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