I love this time of year and with all the basketball games going on I felt somewhat obligated to create some basketball fun for my kiddos.  Please visit my TPT store by clicking on the above picture to see this math mini-unit that will appeal to your boys AND girls.  I have covered standards for adding, subtracting, place value, number recognition, graphing and more than/less than.

Teachers need your help!  I'm sure all of you have watched the news, heard from someone else about the horrible tornadoes hitting our country, or even worse; personally know of someone that was affected.  As someone who is from tornado alley, it can be devastating to go through that.  Often times there is little or no warning.  It is way too early in the season for this to be happening!  It's scary!!  Let's help out our fellow teachers.  Click on the heart above to see how you can help!

It has been a CRAZY two weeks!  Last week was Nevada Reading Week so our principal assigned each area of the school a book to focus on for the week.  Our book was Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See by Eric Carle.  We did soooooo many activities but this spinner graph was by far a favorite.  I got the idea from Donna Glynn on her TPT site.  I tweaked it just a little but the general idea was all hers!  Thanks Donna!

This is a St Patrick's Day center I created that we did today!  It wasn't the favorite of the day, that's coming up, but it was a close runner up.  I will try to post the activity sheets for this center this weekend.  In general, it's a counting book to practice number recognition and one on one correspondence.  They LOVE stamps so I knew this was bound to be a winner.  I will post more information on it soon.

I love when I see them checking their work!

Wow, this was a lot of stamps!!!

OK, so this center wasn't a favorite but it was so needed!  They loved it but I think they were surprised how difficult it can be to count in a circular pattern.  These are some counting wheels I created.  My Dr. Seuss-like wheels can be found in my TPT store by clicking here.  These pictured are my St. Patrick's Day Wheels which I hope to get up soon.

They always love the counting grids.  However, I'm not sure what they love more, the grid with different themed pictures each month or the themed counters I use each month.  These are some plastic St. Patrick's Day coins I found.

This is my Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss center. I call it a spinner graph.  It is similar to the Brown Bear spinner above.  Thank goodness my kids love to graph as much as I do!

 OK, so this was today's FAVORITE center!  I called it math writing around the room.  I only teach math and I have found I really miss doing some of my favorite reading and writing centers so I came up with this activity to incorporated one of my favorites, writing around the room.  Again, I will post the actual activity this weekend, fingers crossed.  But a way to combine writing and math??  I am a happy camper!!!  (and so were my kids!)

To my surprise I got an email tonight to find that a very kind new friend gave me an award.  Who knew what a great feeling that would bring?  Thanks so much to Sandi at  http://rubberbootsandelfshoes.blogspot.com/ for the award!

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The majority of my students are doing VERY well at recognizing their shapes and identifying whether they are flat (plane) shapes or 3D shapes.  I decided a fun "reward" for those that already know them and great practice for those still working on it would be this fun activity.  Since my students love to eat and learn, this is one of the many reasons I love them so much, I purchased snacks in the various shapes.  They will place the correct snack in hopefully the correct spot.  Once they are finished and they can tell me what they did and why they can eat their snacks.  I used the following for the snacks:
Cone:  Bugles
Sphere:  Kix Cereal
Cube:  Rectangular prism cheese sticks cut into cube shapes
Cylinder:  Marshmallow
Square:  Mini Saltine Cracker
Circle:  Mini Ritz Cracker
Rectangle:  Mini Club Cracker
Triangle:  Triscuit Thin Crisps
I have 120 kindergartners and since I used primarily mini-sized crackers I only had to buy two boxes of the Triscuits.  A pretty inexpensive, fun activity!
If you want this freebie activity click here.  Let me know what you think and how it goes if you use it.  I would love to hear your comments!

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